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Mbango Safari

At Mbango Safaris, our best passion is uncovering the wonders of Africa for visitors from around the globe. This beautiful continent provides an amazing variety of locations. Coming from the abundant wildlife of nature reserves like Serengeti; to the refinement and bustle of cities such as Cape Town; to the privacy of islands such as Zanzibar; the splendor of Africa is unequaled.


We work hard to make journeys that touch and feel the numerous elements which make Africa so special; the wildlife, the folks, wild places, lively art, food, the birthplace of humanity. Conservation is at the center of our values. We hope that by encouraging ethical, environmentally-minded tourism, we can help protect Africa’s wildlife and remote cultures for generations to come.

At Mbango Safaris, we’re powered by the shared interest of the unique beauty and wonder given by the African continent. Our goal is to share this love and knowledge of Africa with the world in particular. We do this by assisting our guests to set up the perfect African travel experience: an intimate and memorable taste of African hospitality, wildlife and splendor, in which every element of your journey is carefully evaluated and perfectly planned.


    We began with family and friends, but now we’re on a worldwide pursuit to show and inspire people to explore the beauty of African safari. To give you a glimpse about the sheer wonder and beauty of the diverse and rich wildlife of Africa.


    Knowledge is absolutely nothing without action, so we’re here to always challenge our visitors to have a break from their lives, to come out and explore the beautiful world around them. Our greatest challenge to readers is to uncover the wonders of Africa and enjoy the ultimate African journey


    We take the best our travels and provide tips and advice to safari lovers seeking to set out and blaze a trail of their own. No matter whether it’s long term holiday or simply a weekend junket, we’ll reveal our sincere advice with you. We also want to help you experience real wildlife conservation in Africa.

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