Here Are The 7 Best Beaches In Africa For You To Explore

Here Are The 7 Best Beaches In Africa For You To Explore

Africa is quite the large continent, the 2nd largest in fact, right behind Asia. You can imagine that there are a ton of beaches to choose from among the multiple countries along the coastline. Are you ready to discover which ones are the best? Here are 7 of the top-rated beaches in Africa.

Kenya has the first beach that makes the list. It’s located in the village of Watamu. A top travel site mentions 64 things to do in the village aside from just visiting the beach. There are safaris and nature tours as you can imagine. When you’re in Africa, you get the best of both worlds, the beach and the exotic inland atmosphere. Watamu National Marine Park is one of the best places in the village to hit up the beach. You’re talking about one of the most beautiful coastlines you can imagine.

This next place is a little bit less of a tourist attraction in terms of things to do, but it’s extra special nonetheless. It’s about visiting one of the best beaches in Africa and getting your quiet and peaceful R&R on the beach. The location is Chitimba in Malawi, and it’s a lakefront inland beach with approximately 1,000 species of fish. It’s a really great stretch of beach to visit if you are looking for the best in Africa.

Then there is Belle Mare in Mauritius. If you’re looking for the perfect spot to catch the sunrise, this is the one. Belle Mare is so beautiful that you might think that you’re going to find quite the crowd. While it is indeed a popular destination, it’s also largely undeveloped. Therefore, you’re going to get your peace and quiet. You just have to find the right spot. It’s going to be fun to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa.

Next up is Mozambique. You’ve heard of Mozambique for sure, but do you know where you will be headed when you get there? The place you want to visit is called Tofo Beach, and the water there is said to be quite clear. Not only is it a great spot to just lay in the sand or go for a swim, but fishermen love the area, too. If you like diving, this beach is also a popular dive spot. However, if you’re up for surfing, you should probably hit up Tofino Beach vs Tofo Beach, according to the experts.

Those aren’t the only beaches in Mozambique to make the list. As you can see, Mozambique is a great place to visit if you’re looking for the best beaches in Africa. Your next stop is Bazaruto, and you’re talking about beautiful turquoise water. It’s a tropical paradise, and you’re going to see that just from the pictures alone. Bazaruto is a definite must visit if you are in Africa looking for the top beaches to have some fun.

You know we can’t have a list of the best beaches in Africa without naming at least one place in South Africa. You have to make it all across the continent to find the best, and your stop in South Africa is Uvongo. The shallow lagoon makes this a great spot for families that have younger kids. There is also a beautiful waterfall there.

One other beach you will want to add to your list is Skeleton Coast, which is located in Namibia. You will certainly have a great time exploring these top 7 beaches on the continent of Africa. You want to see the best while you are there, and these hand-picked travel destinations are certainly going to deliver.